Sunday, May 9, 2010

Even Though It's Mother's Day...

I feel the need to write about my husband.
I never in my life thought that I'd be where I am right now. I never thought that I'd be in a healthy relationship, let alone a healthy marriage. I never thought that I'd be at a place in my life where I didn't have to work, where I could stay at home and be there for my children.
I'm blessed to have this amazing man in my life. Matthew has changed my life in so many ways. He's given the twins something they were missing...a Daddy. He's given me something I was missing....a friend, a lover, a soul mate.
When I met Matthew, I wasn't expecting anything really serious to come from it. Nothing like this, anyways. I was jaded, thinking that it would end up like all my past relationships, that he'd just end up using me and then leaving when he was done. I was scared for my heart and scared for my kids. But, I put my heart out there. And he took it and held on to it as if it were a fragile piece of glass. I knew that it was forever when we decided to get married. I knew it was forever when the twins called him Daddy and he didn't freak out.
Now, almost 2 years later, I'm sitting here, watching out baby sit in her swing. I'm listening to the twins play in their rooms. I'm listening to Matthew play on his computer. And I can't help but think, man...I'm so lucky!!
I have a man who will go out and work and take care of his family and allow me the chance to be a stay at home mom. I have a man that accepts me, flaws and all, that puts up with so much crap from me. I have a man that never lets me forget that I'm pretty or that he finds me sexy, or that I'm loved.
I love my husband so much....sometimes, it's overwhelming! I love him with all my heart and I wouldn't trade this life for anything.....
Matthew, baby....I love you!

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