Thursday, June 10, 2010

Times Makes You Bolder, Children Get Older, I'm Getting Older Too

Matthew and I were laying in the bed this morning, with Cailin sitting there, playing with her toys. She has this little black Mary Jane type of shoe that she was chewing on. We picked it and looked at it and could see the marks in it that her one little tooth was making. She was giggling and rolling around and we were talking about how, in 2 weeks, she'll be 10 months and how, in 10 weeks, she'll be one.
Last night, Matthew pulled Anastasia's second tooth. Well..he moved it and it kinda fell out. She got $2 from the tooth fairy and she was quite proud of it. The first tooth she lost is already starting to come back in.
Yesterday, Sebastian got in trouble for being a smart butt and was sent to his room to read a book and come tell us about it. He picked up his Wall-E book and, after about 10 minutes, he came in to tell us that sight words he could read...there were a lot.
All of this makes me realize how, every single day, my children are growing up. My older babies are a little over a month away from turning 6 and about 2 months away from starting 1st grade. They can read, they can write, they can do simple math. It's amazing, to watch them grow from these little kids into this big kids. Cailin is FINALLY getting a tooth. She's FINALLY starting to show some interest in crawling and I think if we put her down in the floor, within a week or so, she'll be crawling all over the place. She talks quite a bit now, saying Dada, Mama, BuhBuh, I Good, and just gibberish. She laughs, these sweet little belly laughs. And when she's in her walker, she is all over the place.
It's such an amazing feeling, to know that we, as parents, give life to these little creations. We nurture them, we teach them, we give them room to grow and learn. And we sit back and watch as they amaze us, as they sit down and read to us, as we do homework, as we hear the first sweet sounds of speech come from the lips of someone not even a year old.
It's also heartbreaking, to know that every year, we are one year closer to them growing up and not needing us. It's almost as if we blink, we'll miss out on something truly amazing. Cailin is my last baby.....I can't have anymore. All of her firsts she experiences will be my lasts of watching my baby grow up. That's almost enough to make me cry. Every year Sebastian and Anastasia get older, it's one more year closer to them becoming tweens, teens, etc. That sucks sometimes. I use to imagine what they'd be like when they were 2 or 3 or I'm staring down 6, 7,8,9, and then 10.
Anyways, I was just inspired to blog......We, as parents, get so lost in everyday life that we often forget to just sit back and look at our children, see the people they are becoming. I did that today and it serves as a reminder of how lucky I am to be a mom, to have these 3 little people in my life, showing me how amazing it can be. I love my kids more than anything and I'm so happy that I'm a mom. I wouldn't trade it for anything.....

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