Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Ramblings

Just a few random thoughts running through my head here. I'll be jumping around quite a bit, so please forgive me.
I FINALLY got my binders so that I can start my Household Management Binder and my Coupon Binder. I'm SUPER excited to get these both up and running. I also loaded a bunch of coupons to my Kroger card. I'm going to sit down with my paper coupons and my sales papers and go from there. I'm excited to become an "extreme couponing mom" and see how much money I can save us. My sister, Tracy, is going to help me get going on this....she seems to be quite the couponer.
I'm also excited to get my Household Management Binder (HMB) together. In it, I'll have meal ideas, menus, chore charts, budgets, just general information about the running of our house. This will help me get so much more organized, which I need. I'm also going to put my daily schedules, cleaning schedules, things like that in it.
Speaking of schedules, Monday is the start of me trying to lose weight again. I got the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds For The Week DVD. It's got 5 different workouts on it. I'm also trying to find Just Dance for the Wii, so I can do that, as well as just playing an hour or so of Wii a's actually pretty physical. I'm excited to see some of this weight come off me.
Tomorrow, we are starting Sebastian and Anastasia's chore/behavioral charts. The idea is they will get so many points a day and they'll get rewarded for these points. Any behavior that needs to be corrected will be. I'm going to get them on a better schedule as well.
I'm HOPING that I'm going to get better at this Avon business. It's slow starting, but something I'm going to work on.
I'm slowly starting to become the Sarah I want to be and I can't wait to look back at this next month and see how far I've come.

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