Saturday, July 30, 2011

2 Truths 1 kill the boredom! Answer revealed!

So, I'm homebound, due to not feeling like going out and the fact that my husband is at work. So, I decided to play 2 truths, 1 lie. Basically, you just comment and figure out what the lie is!

1: I have been pregnant 5 times, by 3 different men, but I only have 3 kids, 2 successful pregnancies, 2 biological fathers but 1 daddy (confused yet?!)

2: I married my husband after only knowing him 3 weeks.

3: I was a teen mom.

This game was started by my good friends over at Randomosity. Check out her me, you will be disappointed if you don't!

I'll post tonight and let you know what the lie is!

Okay, the lie is number 3! I had 2 miscarriages with my ex husband, then I had twins when I was 21. Their biological father isn't in the picture and my husband is raising them. My husband and I lost a baby, then had our toddler in 2009. We started dating in August 2008, got married 3 weeks later.
I was NOT a teen mom, so that's the lie!


  1. Wow! What a story! And, actually I was going to guess #2.

    New follower! My post is:

    Kristin :)

  2. That one sure made me think, but I got in too late and read the "lie" before I really had time to think about it. Guess my lie at

    - Bobbie Anne


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