Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Weekend

Man oh MAN was this weekend busy! Saturday, we had my twins' 7th birthday party. They made out like little bandits. I'd say, all together, about 30 people showed up. We had 48 cupcakes, plus a homemade cake and a 6ft sub! Sebastian got a bike, Transformers 1 and 2 on DVD, a Transformers toy, a watch, a Power Rangers dress up outfit, Transformers books and a few other things. Anastasia got a scooter, Justin Bieber Never Say Never on DVD, a Justin Bieber CD, a Monster High doll, a Hannah Montana watch, a makeup case, a bunch of Justin Bieber books and a lot of other stuff. They also got $10 from my grandmother. I took a ton of pictures, but I'll only post a few.

As you can see, they had a blast! 
Today, we went grocery shopping. I was excited, because I got to do a little couponing. All together, I saved $64, so I didn't do too bad! I did decide that I need to start doing my coupons on separate transactions. It will help me keep track of how much I'm saving. 
We decided to clean out our laundry room (we aren't allowed to have washers and dryers in our apartment..don't EVEN get me started on that!) and move our stock pile from our linen closet to a table in there, as it has grown quite a bit.
This is our stock pile, currently:

What we have in it is:
Purex w/ Zout, (2) Tide Stain Release 10 pack, (2) Febreez Fabric Refresher, (2) Lysol NutraAir, Lysol disinfecting scrubs, (2) Dawn dish detergent, Crest 16.9oz mouthwash, Crest 33.8oz mouthwash, Colgate mint zing 8.2oz toothpaste, Colgate mint zing 6.4 oz toothpaste, (2) Colgate frosty mint toothpaste, (2) Colgate sparkling white cinnamon toothpaste, Crest Sensitive and Enamel toothpaste, (4) Gillette fusion shave gel, (2) Schick Hydro, Old Spice Pure Sport 2.25oz deodorant, Skintamant Shave Gel, Veet wax strips, (2) Old Spice Red Zone Showtime 3.25oz deodorant, (2) Old Spice Showtime Body Spray 4oz, (2) Ban powder fresh clear gel deodorant, Ban shower fresh invisible solid deodorant, (5) Gillette Fusion cooling lotion, (2) KY Jelly, (6) Nexcare Bandaids, John Frieda Frizz Ease 13oz, Garnier Fructies flat iron spray 6 oz, Bic Flex 4 razors 4pk, Simply Venus razors 4pk, Wilkinson Classic twin razors 4pk, Gillette fusion proglide razor

I'll keep everyone posted as it grows.
So, that was my weekend. How was yours?!


  1. What a lovely weekend, and what lovely cupcakes *mouth waters again for the third time today*. I love the different icing you did for both Sebastian and Anastasia. They got so much stuff as well, I'm so envious, I wish that I was young again!


  2. Hi Sarah, Thanks for stopping by my blog & your lovely comment :)
    Sounds like you had your hands full this weekend, but looked great fun xoxo


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