Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OH, Back to School.....

It's that time of year again. We get lists, spend untold amounts of dollars at Wal-Mart on various needs for our little scholars and, in some cases, others' little scholars. We hunt for bargains to get the awesome deals on the coolest clothes for our little fashionistas and fashionistos.
It's back to school time!
If you are like me, try as you might, it seems like we are always rushing around at the last minute to get things we need but forgot. I do this every year.
Oh, but not this year. School supplies have been bought and, this weekend, the rest will be done. I have 2nd graders, one of which has HORRIBLE taste in clothes (my daughter). So, I'm looking forward to shopping. I've been on the hunt for coupons and deals and steals to make it a little less stressful and costly.
I've considered getting a spare backpack and loading it up with some back to school supplies and having a give away on my page, but I wasn't sure how it would be received. My husband and I are still talking about opening our old store, only changing the name of it, so I've got a few things bouncing around in my otherwise empty head.
How are you, my lovely readers, dealing with the madness we call Back to School?

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