Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School Supply Shopping, Birthday Parties and Turning 7

Sunday, my big babies will be 7. Holy Crap! Where did time go?! It seems like yesterday, they were babies, now they are turning 7 and starting 2nd grade next month!
We finished up our birthday shopping for them yesterday. Sebastian is getting a Transformers watch, a big Optimus Prime (to go with his big Bumblebee and Megatron), and the 2nd Transformers movie (this is all from us) plus the first Transformers movie from my mom (she lives in FL and couldn't be here. It's the first birthday she's missed). Anastasia is getting a Hannah Montana watch, a Justin Bieber CD and the Justin Bieber movie "Never Say Never" (I told her that Walmart sold them all and wouldn't get anymore, so she will be really surprised!) from us and a Monster High doll from my mom. Should he remember, my husband is getting the money order so we can reserve the community room for their party on Saturday. I'll go and finish up the decoration shopping and stuff like that probably Friday. I can't WAIT to see how their cupcake cake turned out. We got them their own, in the shape of a 7. Sebastian's colors are red, blue and yellow (OP and BumbleBee colors, of course) and Anastasia's are pink, purple and yellow (her fave colors and yellow for Bumblebee). I'll post pics and stuff after we have the party.
As I mentioned at the beginning, school starts 8/10. I'm SOOO excited! We went school supply shopping last night. We got everything except tissues and looseleaf paper. They were sold out of those. We are going shopping for clothes and shoes this weekend (note to self, find Rack Room Shoes coupon). We are really doing good this year. We usually wait until the very last minute and miss out on everything. I'm excited to go to the open house and meet their teachers. I'm friends with Anastasia's 1st grade teacher and we attend the same church, so she's a big help too.
Time is flying by and I can hardly believe it......in a blink of an eye, they go from babies to big kids.....

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