Friday, August 5, 2011

2 Truths 1 Lie for 8/4 LINK UP! REVEALED

It's that time of week again, folk. 2 truths 1 lie time! What an awesome way to not only get to know the bloggers, but to find some amazing blogs! There is really something for everyone!
Now, one to the truths and lies!

  1.  I have my tubes tied.
  2. I have fake boobies
  3. I've had 5 stomach surgeries

I'll post the answer tomorrow morning! If you have started following me, leave a comment with the link to your blog so I can return the favor!

Number 2 is the lie! I got my tubes tied after I had Cailin, due to the complications I have with pregnancy and the fact that we didn't want to risk having twins again. I've also had 5 stomach surgeries. I had my appendix out, my gallbladder out, 2 c-sections and, most recently, my hernia surgery. No need for fakies.....100% real! lol
Can't wait till next week!

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  1. hhmmm......I would say #2 is a lie? No idea, just random guess. LOL

    I have a linky on my page if you want to link up for this one:

  2. #3 is the lie?

    The linky is up now! :)

  3. #1 is a lie?

  4. Hard one here, but I'm going to guess that #2 is your lie.

    Guess my lie at


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