Friday, August 12, 2011

Adventures in Parading

The town I live in has a festival every year called the Nibroc. This is the name of my town, backwards. Clever, eh? They thought so. I'm not 100% sure how many years they've been doing this, but I remember going as a child and I'm 28 now, so that should tell you something.
Last night was the start of it and they had the parade. My best friend and I decided to go. The problem? My husband was working the Nibroc for his job and he had the van. No problem, said my friend. She decided to take me and MY 3 kids, drop us off, then go back and get HER 3 (plus 1 friend). She dropped me off at my van so I could get my stroller. SURPRISE! No stroller! My husband had taken it out and left it as his job so that he could make room for the stuff for his job. Goodie. This meant that I got to walk through a crowd of, oh, a few hundred at least, with two 7 year olds and an almost 2 year old that HATES to hold hands. Somehow, my sanity stayed with me and I made it not only to visit with my husband for a bit, but also to a spot to watch the parade. About 15 minutes later, my friend joined us. Our kiddos watched the parade, gathered candy, and just had a general good time.
I wanted to take pictures, but, of course, the people in front of us decided to be completely rude and was blocking my way and, occasionally, grabbing all the candy before the kids could get to it. Kids ages: 5, 7, 7, 8. People's ages: adults. Nice, huh?
But I digress. We walked back over to find my husband to see if he was done. we decided to just hang out and wait. I decided to snap some random pics and I thought I'd share!
l-r: Sebastian, Zachary, Cailin, Savannah, Anastasia
Cailin, with the back of Savannah, Anastasia, and Sebastian
Random shot of people walking

So, that was my adventures in parading...for this month. Within a 20 mile radius of my house, there are 2 festivals planned for next month and 1 planned for October, so there will be more parades to visit!


  1. Sometimes I wish I lived in a samll town...we do not have parades like this. I am a new follower and new blogger. My blog is also a mix of everything...Hope you can come by and visit. Happy Friday

  2. I love parades! Thank you for following from The Lots Of Lovin' Weekend Blog Hop- I am following you too! Come back again next week!

  3. Cute Blog!! Thank you for the Follow on Dawns Delights, now following you..


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