Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Changes To Blog

Sorry I haven't been on much. I took yesterday off to get my house cleaned up and to ponder a few things.
As you've noticed, there are some changes to the blog. The biggest change is the name. We are no longer "A Day In The Life Of....". We are now "Mommy's Time Out"! I'm still going to post about the every day going ons of my life, but I'm also going to post much more deals and things like that. I'm working on a few ideas and, over the coming weeks, I'm hoping this blog will grow exponentially.
I've created a Facebook page for this blog. If you are on Facebook and would like to get up to date info on the blog, please click HERE. I'll be working on that as well. Please bear with me.
You may have also noticed the design of the blog has changed. If you think it's too much, please, let me know. I'm still learning how to make things, so this is all pretty much trial and error. lol.
Well, I'm off to get my little one fed some lunch and laid down for her nap. While she's napping, I plan to straighten up the house and work on the blog.

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