Thursday, August 4, 2011

Considering Name Change

I'm considering changing the name of my blog, but I'm not sure what I should change it to. In the coming weeks, I plan to put more into this blog, some deals, games, things with other blogs, etc, so it will become much more than A Day In The Life Of.
So, I turn to you, my readers. Do you think I should change the name or keep it? If you think I should change my blogs name, what do you think I should change it to? I'm open to suggestions!

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  1. Hi Sarah -

    Thanks for following me - I just wanted to return the favor and follow you back.

    I'm also in the process of updating my blog. I've got a lot going on behind the scenes (I'm a Photoshop virgin, so it's taking me awhile!). I plan to make my changes this coming weekend - which also has a name change! My URL is gumdrop pass, so that's what I'm changing my title to. The story behind the name always makes me smile. My (armature) advice? Name it something personal to you!

    I look forward to hearing/reading more from you! :)


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