Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day Back To School

Today, my 7 year old twins had their first day back at school. They started 2nd grade. I can hardly believe I have second graders! Seems like just yesterday, they were in preschool!
Last night, I filled out 11 billion papers for them (okay, that may be a slight exaggeration...may have been closer to 3 for each kid, plus 2 emergency cards per kid, but who's counting?!). I packed up their lunch boxes and back packs, I set out school clothes and shoes and I set my alarm for a very early 6:30 AM wake up.
As I do on every first day, I got them up, fed them breakfast, did the morning thing, got them dressed, handed them each $.30 for snack and took pictures. My plan is to one day make them each a scrapbook of their school career. Then, we headed out to the bus stop. As much as I've been looking forward to today, I'm eager for them to get home so I can hear all about how their day was.
In about 2 short years, I'll get to send my baby baby to preschool. Right now, we are 15 days away from her 2nd birthday. The thought of all of my kids being in school soon is terrifying and more than a little sad.
Anyways, I wanted to share some pictures, so here we go!
My big 2nd graders!  

And, just for good measure....
My almost 2 year old!

On a side note, it did occur to me that, for each grade my older two are in, that grade is also my youngests age. They are in 2nd grade, she will be 2. When they are in 3rd grade, she will be 3, etc, etc. I thought that was odd....that's my random thought of the day. lol
If your kids have gone back, what are your traditions? How did the day go? I'll post a follow up about their first day when they get home.


  1. That is cute that she will be the same age as their grade! I am student teaching in a 2nd grade clasroom this year and am excited to work with that age group!
    I am following back.

    jenny at dapperhouse


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