Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

I feel like it has been forever since I really got to blog. I do has just been a little hectic for me as of late. With Cailin's party, then my busy Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I've barely found time to just breath, let alone blog. But today, I'm going to get my housework done, then spend some time catching up with some blogging and blog hops.
If you have started following me, please comment here with the link to your page so I can return the favor. I'm not sure where I left off at and I want to make sure I return the favor for all of the follows. You guys are so awesome!
I have been busy, promoting my blog....I have Spotlight Blogs all the way up through October! I can't believe it! My next venture is going to be to make some business cards (might do that today, actually), with my blog info and just leave them in random places. I don't know.....still thinking about it.
We are going to Clayton mobile home today to start the paperwork to try to buy our own place! I can't WAIT for that! It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom mobile home. It's not our "dream" home, if that makes sense, but it's a perfect starter home for us. We love it and it's just right, for right now. All the kids will have their own rooms, which is awesome. That's what we really want. I'll keep you all posted.
Okay, I'm off to get started on some stuff I gotta do!


  1. Good luck at Clayton homes! Love to see pics of the homes you look at! :-)


  2. Hi, new follower! I know how you feel sometimes. I can only imagine how crazy life is going to get once having a little one on my hands. :)

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