Friday, August 12, 2011

Glory Days

My inspirational quote gave me an idea about one topic that I want to touch on. That topic is glory days.
I'm fairly certain that most of my readers are out of high school. Often, you hear people talk about their glory days. For some, they say it was the sports they played in school. It was the plays they were in, the clubs, the time they spent in school.
In high school, I was in JROTC and drama. I was on the school news show and I was in a creative writing class that actually resulted in me getting a poem published. I had several friends, even more acquaintances and a handful of enemies. I was picked on, because I was overweight and not really "cool". To say that high school was my glory days would be nuts.
I've tried college a few times and I DO plan on going back, as soon as I figure out what I want to be when I grow up (I'm torn between a few careers), so 18-21 most definitely wasn't my glory days.
At 21, I had my twins (this is the point where, as much as I hate it, I admit that my 7 year old twins are not biologically my husband's. However, he is their Daddy and has been for the past 3 years, so that's all that matters!) and found myself being a single mom. I did a lot of things I wasn't proud of from the age of 22 to 25, so that time wasn't my glory days either.
In 2008, at the age of 25, I moved back to KY from FL (where I moved after I got divorced from my first husband). I started college again and I got my own place for the first time, just me and the kiddos. I worked as well, until August 2008, when I met who would become my husband. 3 weeks after we met, we married and I became a stay at home mom and college student. In January of 2009, I got pregnant with our almost 2 year old and I couldn't go back to school. In August 2009, I had said daughter. Marrying my husband and having our 3rd child was the start of my glory days.
Three years later, I'm STILL a stay at home mom, STILL trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, but I'm HAPPY. As I continue to get older, I will know that my glory days started in 2008 and will end when my life ends, because I will know that I raised 3 amazing little people and I've loved and been loved my the most amazing man in the world.
My friends, THESE are our glory days, the days when our children go from babies to adults and WE get to watch them develop into their own people. The days when we sit up until the late hours of night talking with the person that we were meant to be with for all our days, talking about everything and nothing at all. The days where memories are more important than money, where time spent with family trumps being with our friends.
Friends, we are LIVING our glory days, right now! So live them well and make them count.


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