Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cailin!

Yesterday, we had Cailin's 2nd birthday party. It was scheduled to start at 2, but it didn't get underway until probably 4ish. It went off pretty well, with the exception of one issue.
We got up yesterday morning and went to Walmart to get the cupcakes and the sub we ordered for the party (seriously, the Walmart in our area has a DELISH 6 ft sub for $25!). We also picked up the ice cream and soda, then dropped it all off at the house before heading to Dollar Tree for some last minute extras for the party.
We got home, laid Cailin down for her nap, then went over to the community room in our apartment complex, which we'd reserved for the party. One of the maintenance people dropped the key off to us that morning. I'm not sure if it was the wrong key or if the keyhole was jammed, but we tried for about 30 minutes to get in there. It wasn't happening. We didn't have enough seating for everyone in our apartment (our place is only about 990sqft) and we didn't have it guest ready. So, we rushed home and, within about 30 minutes, we were ready for the party.
About 22 people showed up, but it worked out because they came in shifts. It was a great time, though. My 2 best friends came with their kids and we all hung out in the kitchen, chitchatting while the men hung out in the living room. It really made me miss them...we don't get together far enough.
Cailin made out like a little bandit for her birthday. She got clothes, new cups, puzzles, a ball, a kitchen set, a shopping cart with food, a LeapFrog thing, a VTech thing, a Big Wheel and something else that I feel like I'm forgetting. We had a good time and, by the time bedtime was here, we were BEYOND exhausted! lol.
I can't believe my baby is 2. And my older babies are 7. Kids grow up WAY too fast.......

Cailin's 2 cupcakes
The food
Cailin in her party dress
Happy Birthday to you!
Cailin is straight gangsta with her big wheel, jersey and hat! lol

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