Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Looking To Host Blogs

I've been doing some thinking here lately and I've decided that I want to help my fellow bloggers. Once a week, on the main page of my blog, I plan to host a blog. I'll promote this blog both in my own blog AND on my Facebook page. I'm doing this in hopes of getting more readers for my fellow bloggers out there. I know a lot of us doing this for fun, but I also know some do it for money. If you are interested in signing up, please contact me via email at
In addition to hosting the blog on the main page for one week, I'm going to create a page just for hosting blogs. Once your week is up, your button will be moved to the hosting page, with all the other past hosts. This way, no matter what, people can always find your blog.
As my blog's Facebook page grows, I plan to host a Facebook page a week over there too. If you have a Facebook page and want to connect with me, you can do so by visiting us at Mommy's Time Out.
I look forward to getting this project up and running!

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