Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh yea.....Feeling A Little Better

Yesterday, I cooked dinner for my family. Matthew helped with some of it. Then, we clipped coupons and organized them and went through my binder. I'm sending all of my expired coupons to the men and women who are serving this country. They can use them up to 6 months after the expiration date.
After that, we called it a night and I actually got to sleep in the same bed as my husband! It was nice! No more recliner for me. No sir.
Today, I'm gonna relax around the house a bit, then tomorrow, I go to my DR and do a follow up and hopefully get these stitches removed. After that, we are going to a back to school bash at our church, so I'm excited for that. Thursday, we are going school clothes shopping, so YAY on that one too.
I'm feeling a little bit like my old self, which I'm loving. I'll be happy when I'm 100% again, but I'll take the 65% I'm at right now over that the 45% I had been.
Gonna work on a few more things and get some ideas for this blog.....stay tuned!

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