Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tales From A Crappy Van

On Thursday, I posted about how the drive belt broke on my van and that, while at the mechanic, they told us that we needed to have our water pump replaced. We got everything and we got it fixed and back yesterday (Friday). Matthew, Cailin and I were out and about, driving around, running some errands and that kinda thing. We were about to turn into the parking lot of our apartment complex when we heard the
"thump, thump" we heard Thursday.
We got out, popped the hood and, sure enough, the NEW belt was unraveling. CCRRAAPP!! We got back to our parking spot and called the parts store we got the belt from. They said that, with it being a new belt, it shouldn't have been unraveling and that there was something wrong with one of my pulleys. I called the mechanic and they said they checked our pulleys and nothing was wrong, the belt was just weak. They said they'd put a new belt on it, but it would be a few hours before they could get to it. My husband, being the impatient man he is, decided we should call around and see if someone can get if fixed sooner. The place we take it to for our brakes said they could get it on a lot sooner. My husband sent ME to get the new belt and take the van to the other shop. Great.
I'm on my way to the other shop when I notice the van is overheating and my power steering is gone....the belt came off. I pull over and let the van cool off and start gimping it to the shop. I get literally 3 blocks away and have to pull over again to let it cool off. This time, it won't start, because the alternator isn't charging. I ask people close by if they have jumper cables and apparently no one in my town owns a pair. So I walk down to the shop, thinking they would help me out.
I explain to them the situation I'm in. They have jumper cables. They even have a portable battery charger. They do NOT, however, have the decency to help a woman that needs a jump. They told me no, they wouldn't come and help me get the van started again so I can get it there to give them business. The only way they would is if I have it TOWED in. IT'S 3 BLOCKS AWAY! And not long blocks either. I could see my van from where I was standing.
So, I call my husband and he calls for a tow truck. Our usual mechanic also tows, so he calls them. They come and get me and the van and take us to their shop and put the new belt on. I'm sitting there, hot, sweaty, dirty, and on the verge of tears, coloring while they fix the van (there wasn't much else to do! lol). The owner comes in and tells me it's ready to go and warns me that I need a new tire on my front, passenger side. I thank him and ask him how much. He tells me it's on the house. No charge for the tow, no charge for the repair.
So, for any local readers I have, I just want to say that Johnny Muffler will NEVER EVER get my business again. But T&H Towing, Recovery and Repair will get MY business and anyone else I can send to them.

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