Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I Love Him

My husband, that is.
I mention him in blogs all the time, but I never really talk about him and how amazing he is. I probably should.
Matthew and I met, online, in Mayish of 2008. We hit it off immediately, but he wasn't really looking for anything serious and he knew that 1) I was and 2) he could have a relationship with me. This caused us to stop talking for 3 months. He was playing he field and I was dating someone else. My relationship ended after only a month or so and it was like..meh...whatever.
One day, I was going through my cell phone and came across Matthew's number. I decided "hmm...I'll shoot him a text". So, I did. It was something like, "Hey kid, what's up? Remember me? How ya doin?". He replied back almost immediately that yes, he did remember me and he was great, how was I. We texted a little bit, then talked on the phone a little bit. This went on for, like, 2 weeks.
Then we decided to set up a date to meet. This date was August 21, 2008. We met at the theater in my town, but, because he was late (unforeseen traffic on the interstate..a wreck I think), we missed the start of the movie. We decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays to get a drink instead and just talk.
We sat there for probably 2 hours, talking and getting to know each other. I had a Bud Lite, he had a Jack and Coke. After a couple of hours, we decided to go somewhere a little more quiet. I knew of a place that was really pretty, a place we've come to know as the duck pond. We went there and sat by the water, under the stars and just talked and talked and talked.
Now, I was really digging him and I wanted him to dig me, so I was hoping he'd make a move.
He didn't.
It was time to head back to his vehicle (I drove to the duck pond) and still, no move made. We got back to his vehicle and we were saying our goodbyes and it happened. He kissed me. I was already smitten and this just drove it deeper. He asked me, that night, if I'd like to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes. (Because of this, we are unsure of our actual was after midnight when he asked me, but our date started on the is it the 21 or the 22?).
I didn't want him to leave. He didn't want to leave. But, he had to, because I had to go get my kids from my Dads. We decided to hang out the next day. I couldn't wait.
We hung out and, the next day, I went to OH to visit family. I missed him terribly. We texted and texted the whole time. When I got home the next day, he was there. I knew, then, even though we'd only just met 2 days before, I was in love.
We spent some time together and he had to go home. That night, while we were on the phone, we said to me "We are gonna get married". I thought, yea, okay.
Well, he was right...3 weeks later, we eloped.. Sebastian and Anastasia was there, along with my step sisters and a friend of mine.
This was 3 years ago.....we have had our ups and downs. Before we'd even been married a month, we'd found out that I had a chemical pregnancy, which I obviously lost. That was hard. Not even 4 months after we'd married, we found out we were pregnant again with Cailin. We celebrated our one year anniversary (dating), then 3 or 4 days later, we had Cailin. She went out with us on our dinner date for our 1st wedding anniversary.
I love Matthew with all I have in me. He truly makes me feel complete. He's the most amazing and wonderful man I've ever met. I feel so blessed to be able to call him my husband.....and I hope he feels blessed to call me his wife.

That's my love.........He's amazing.

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