Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sorry For My Absence

It has been absolutely NUTS around here. My brother ended up moving back to FL, we have been trying to get our house scrubbed clean for inspection coming up...just...nuts.
BIGGEST news....
I got a job! I am now working full time at Cash Express! So far, I love it. The downside, I had to put Cailin in daycare. So far, though, she seems to enjoy it.
She's sick right now though....she has a double ear infection. I'm running on probably 3 hours of sleep, if that. I'm EXHAUSTED and so looking forward to not only going to bed, but hopefully getting to sleep in a little tomorrow.
I just wanted to touch base with everyone....I'm still alive, just VERY busy.


  1. Congrats on the job! :)

    I think a double ear infection is like initiation to daycare or something. Logan went through the same thing. Hope she's feeling better! :)

  2. awesome/congrats bout job and hope your little one feels better!

    New follower.

    check out my blogs =] (personal stuff posted in here as well as stay at home mom blogging)

    follow mine as well =] have a blessed night!

  3. Stopping by to thank you for the follow. You sound like you need a little "me" time, like that ever happens, right? Hope everything is better with your little one!

  4. Passing on a blogger award!


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