Saturday, October 29, 2011

Feeling The Need For A Change

I'm not sure if it's because I'm a little over a month away from my 29th birthday, if it's the fact that I'm working now....not sure what it is, but I feel the need for a few changes in my life. Good changes, but changes none the less. Maybe I'm maturing. Maybe I'm finally figuring out who I am, or who I want to be. But I know that 2012 is going to bring about some major changes in my life, both with myself, my family, and my home.
One of the biggest changes is going to be that we are going to move into a new place. We've already outgrown our apartment and, though we aren't ready to buy, we want to find a place that we can call home until we ARE ready. The next few months at our apartment will be a trial run, to see what we can afford and what we can't.
Another change is that we are going to start planning for our future a little better. We are going to start putting money in a savings account every paycheck and start being more fiscally responsible. My husband might even start up a 401k *if my company offered it, I'd start one too.....might look into something independently..*
I'm going to start working my my weight. I do not want to be the weight I am when I turn 30 next year. I NEED to start taking better care of myself. I'm not getting any But it's time for me to wake up and realize that my health is important and that, without it, I won't be here for my kids for a long, long time.
On that same note, I also need to start taking care of ME. I need to do more for myself, to make myself and make myself in to the mature woman I am becoming. The days of looking like a kid are over. I want to start dressing nice, getting my hair done and styled, all of that. I need to really put my best face forward and get out of this funk.
I'd like to try to get back into school, mostly online first, but working my way up. I'm researching different fields, but I think I have it set.
I'm going to get my kids in sports. They need it, we need it. I want to, so badly, see them have hobbies and be THAT mom.
I'm going to start making more time for my husband. Once or twice a month, he and I are going to go on a date and reconnect. Next year will make 4 years we've been married. I want to keep our spark alive and relight a new one.
On that same note, I want to start planning our vow renewal for our 5th anniversary. We are going to have a wedding ceremony, my first. I'm excited beyond belief.
I'm also going to start making a better attempt to get to know and grow to love the game of football, because I want to look forward to and enjoy September through February like he does.
That's the majority of it, but I'm sure there are more. I'm becoming the woman that I want to be..I can feel it, feel her in me screaming to get out. It's time.


  1. sounds exciting and fun! Good Luck and YAY for change


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