Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Really, Paypal? REALLY?!

For years, I've been a loyal user of Paypal, even when they underwent some changes I didn't agree with. I use them for eBay, and I use them for my PR payments.
This will change, however, because of something Sadie over at Randomosity brought to the worlds attention.
A group called Regretsy was trying to raise money and gifts for families who couldn't afford Christmas. Being that I've been there before (narrowly avoided it this year), I read this story and was SHOCKED at the audacity of Paypal.
The short and long of it is that basically, they shut down Regretsy because they were saying that they were not a non-profit organization. Um....okay. People use the donate button Paypal provides to raise money for ridiculous things. Paypal is NOW demanding that Regretsy return the money to those who donated and they put a freeze on their account.
BS if you ask me.
For the full story, simply click above where it says Regretsy.
So, I'm going to help spread the word about Paypal and their not so nice practices. Bullies, if you ask me.
I'd like to boycott the Ebenezer Scrooge's, but I'm trying to get my eBay store back up and running. HOWEVER, Sadie did find an alternative, which is Wepay, a company that not only wants your business, they practically PAY you to use them! Sign up and use is free, but they will give YOU $10, just to sign up. You are not under any obligation to use them after sign up and you still get your $10.
Pass this message on and let's not let Paypal get away with this. There are a few ways to be heard.
Contact ANYONE in Corporate by using one of the numbers you can find HERE and sign the PETITION by going HERE. Post of Facebook, Twitter, anywhere. Print off some flyers and pass them out. Let's not sit while Paypal denies these kids and families a Christmas!

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