Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Updating The Masses

Hey everyone! How are you? It's been awhile and I know I said I would blog more, but it's been nuts around here lately.
My birthday was Saturday. I turned 29. I'd planned on doing a blog strictly about my being 29 and my journey into my 30's, but I think I'm not going to do that. I barely blog on this one, so keeping up with 2 will be something that, chances are, I won't do. I MIGHT make a page and just put my posts there. IDK.
Anyways, my birthday was pretty awesome. My husband and kids woke me up singing Happy Birthday to me. I made breakfast, then we just kinda hung out around the house. We decided to go to a parade in the next town over and, when we got there, we realized our tire blew out. So, we had to get a new tire.
Sunday, we went to the flea market, then we finished up our Christmas shopping. SOOO happy to be done! lol
Yesterday, my husband had to work, so Cailin and I just hung out at home. It was fun.
Today, I started my new job. I'm the accounting clerk at our local paper. I'm SUPER excited about that. I have my own office, the people seem to be really awesome and the hours and pay rock. PLUS, I get all the coupons I want, so YAY! lol
That's pretty much all that's new around these parts. Once we get settled into a schedule, I'm going to try to blog more. It may be after the holidays that I get really into it again. But I just wanted to let everyone know what's going on.

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