Saturday, February 25, 2012

DELISH Idea For Leftover Taco Meat

Last night, we had tacos for dinner. Naturally, I made more meat than was needed. So, I woke up today and thought "What can I do with this?"
I looked through my cabinets and found some Velveeta, some Ro-Tel, and some tortilla chips. This got me thinking.
First, I diced up about half a brick of the Velveeta, dumped in the can of Ro-Tel, diced some onions and added in the meat. I let the cheese melt and stirred it all together, then crushed up the chips and put them in a bowl, adding the new taco queso mix I made, topping it with some sour cream.
It's absolutely DELISH! Not healthy at all, but still, soooooooooo good.
So now, my mission is to make it healthier and figure out how I can serve it for dinner. I thought about first browning the meat with some garlic and onions, then draining it and adding the Ro-Tel and cheese, boiling some elbow macaroni's to mix in with it and having my own little Mexican Hamburger Helper dinner.
What do you all think? Any suggestions?

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  1. YUM -- sounds good to me! However, most times my husband and son gobble up all of our would-be leftovers, lol. I'll have to hide them BEFORE hand and try this! :)

    And thanks for posting about the hop! :)

    Hope you have a good week <3


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