Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Blahs

So, it's Friday. I'm presently at work and TOTALLY not feeling being here. My boss is out of the office, so it's just me in my department. I've gotten all the vital stuff done so far, so really, I'm being lazy.
It appears that the crud is starting to leave my house, which makes me SOOOO happy! Tomorrow, I'm going totally disinfect my house, then spend some quality time with the family. I'm looking forward to that, considering how unhealthy my family has been this week.
Sunday, if all is well, we are going to my best friend's son's birthday party. I'm looking forward to this too, because it's always a good time when we go to hang with them. I love my friends, I'm blessed to have some awesome friends!
I find it amazing how, even in trying times (which my family is going through right now), we still find ways to put a smile on our face. I'm looking forward to going to church on Sunday and just praying and giving my problems to God.
So, readers, what are YOUR plans for the weekend?

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