Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Year, New Name, New Goals

I really miss blogging.
Once I'd started work, I'd stop blogging because I simply didn't have the time and, really, nothing interesting was going on. I was working full time and by the time I got home, I was EXHAUSTED and didn't feel like doing much.
Now, I've switched jobs and work part time and I feel like I can devote more time and effort into making this blog work for me. I'd like to one day make a second income from it, something that would go either directly into savings or something to be fun money.
As the blog grows, I will participate in giveaways, I'd like to do reviews, and just share life with the rest of the world.
I'd love to hear what you, the readers, would like to get from my blog!

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  1. A lot of times, you can find someone with a direct sales company who is willing to do a giveaway through you for the free advertising. Something to think about. :)
    Just found your post on Cafemom about the blog. Following!


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