Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Sick and The Restless

Sounds like it should be a catchy punk song or something, huh? lol
All 3 of my kids are sick. This makes me sad. I'm hoping that this thing, we've lovely dubbed it "The Crud", is outta my house soon. And as soon as it's gone, I'm busting out the disinfectant and going crazy cleaning and sanitizing my house.
I HATE when my kids are sick...especially my youngest. It hits her really, really hard. That spark leaves her eyes, which makes me even more sad. Yesterday, I came home from work and she climbed up in my lap and just slept there. I didn't dare move, even though I was hot and my arm and leg hurt. My poor baby wanted to sleep, so by god, I was going to help her in anyway I can.
My older daughter, who is 7, was seeming like she was going to get over it, but last night, went to bed early and didn't eat. Poor kid....she's usually so feisty and full of life, but she's so not feeling it now. She came in, after my toddler had gotten off my lap to cuddle with Daddy, and she placed her 4'5 foot frame in my lap and just curled up. I hadn't held her like that in awhile.
My son.....I'm not sure if he's sick or if it's sympathy, but he's not running a fever, just has a bad cough.
Sick kids just break my heart......hopefully, they'll be over it soon and we can get back to normal life!
How are YOUR kids when they are sick?

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