Saturday, March 17, 2012

Family Time....For Free!

I live in Corbin, KY. We have a place called The Cumberland Falls. It's about 10 to 15 miles away from my house. I LOVE going there, because there's so much to do and you can really get in touch with nature again. You can go hiking, stay at a lodge, do white water rafting, etc, etc.
Now, we go as a family and it's hard to do much other than just take in the power that is the falls. I'd LOVE to go hiking up there, when I get in shape.
This was the first year that Cailin could really get to take it all in. The first time she went, she was only about 6 or 7 months old. Then last year, she wasn't that great at walking. This year, she was able to walk around, run, explore and just play. She had fun, except she was TERRIFIED of the falls.....she wouldn't even go out on the overlook and look at them. She DID have fun running around with her brother and sister though.
If you are ever traveling on I-75 through KY, do yourself a favor and stop in and see the falls.
Here are some pictures from today's trip.
The Cumberland Falls

The powerfulness of it amazes me
Absolutely Beautiful
Look at that!
Due to the rain, the river was up high, causing the falls to be more powerful than usual
My husband, Matthew, with our son Sebastian and our daughter Anastasia. Cailin was too scared to get in on the picture
Me with Anastasia and Sebastian
Cailin, Anastasia, and kiddos

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