Friday, March 16, 2012

A Little Change Will Do Ya Good......Maybe....

Normally, I can roll with the changes like a champ.
Here lately, not so much. Because the changes have just been piling on top of me and stressing me out to the point where I hardly eat (which for me may not be such a bad thing).
Our landlord has decided to sell the place we live in. Great for her, not so much for us. We have been trying to find a place to live in our kids' school district to no avail. I finally just decided to give up and find a place outside of the district and just drive them to school and back. There's only a couple of month left in the school year, then they can switch schools.
However, an AMAZING opportunity may present itself and I'm trying to hold out on it. I don't want to go into details just yet, but it could mean us becoming homeowners, which would be completely awesome.
Another change is going on at work.....I work for the local newspaper and we've recently gotten a new publisher and sales manager. Both of them make me super nervous for some reason. I look forward to the days when they aren't there, just because I'm more at ease.
There are some more changes that I'll talk about in coming blogs, but can't right now due to the fact that, while I want this blog to be a success and read by many, there are certain people who MAY read my blog that I don't want to know so much information about me...if that makes sense.....
Any changes in YOUR life lately?

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