Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Children....Lifes Greatest Gifts

My post today is about children and the wonders they can bring to our lives.
I am blessed to be the mother of three beautiful kids, Sebastian and Anastasia (born 7/24/2004) and Cailin (born 8/25/2009). Having them was a dream I wasn't sure would come true, as, prior to the twins, I'd had two miscarriages, then suffered another one 2 months before getting pregnant with Cailin.
It is such an honor to get to nurture children inside of you for 9 months (with the twins, it was only 7), then mold them into these amazing people. It's an honor to get to watch them grow up, learn and just be fascinated by life in general. To see my twins reading, doing math and spelling and preforming so well in school that my daughter is on a 4th grade reading level. And Cailin....she's FINALLY starting to sit on the potty...WILLINGLY! And every day, she says something new and it just amazes me.
It's almost like, if you blink, it's going to pass you by and it scares the jeebuz out of me. They go from little babies to big kids in the blink of an eye. From crawling to walking, from babbling to talking, from diapers to undies. It's terrifying, this parenting thing.
Some of my more frightening times, being a mother are definitely when the twins were born. They were due in September, but I had them in July at 34 weeks. Sebastian was born first, then Anastasia. I remember calling my mom from the hospital and crying, telling her they were taking them and that I wasn't ready to be a Mom. Then I saw them and that melted away. Anastasia kicked butt and only had a touch of jaundice. Sebastian, however.....he was on oxygen and not wanting to drink from a bottle. After Anastasia got released (at 1 week old), Sebastian perked up and was released the following Monday at 9 days old. But it was terrifying, seeing him with all those tubes and IV's and things.
With Cailin, we had a hearing problem scare. She came into this world screaming her little head off and when they did her hearing test, she flunked it. She had to see an audiologist a few times for them to finally determine that she could hear just fine, she just doesn't care for having her ears touched. She's still that way. Her ears are dirty and cleaning them is a battle. She's starting to come around though and will sometimes ask me to clean her ears out.
Pregnancy is hard on my body, so after we had Cailin we decided that I should get my tubes tied. Sometimes, I'm saddened by the decision to do this, because I long for another child, but then I get reminded that Cailin pretty much broke the mold when she was born.....I don't think I could HANDLE toddlerhood again. But I've been given the chance to do something amazing, in raising my kids, so I'll be thankful for what I have...not everyone is as lucky as I am.

"There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it".  ~Chinese Proverb
Please, readers, share with me some of your moments of parenthood.


  1. Parenting: my toughest time as a parent was when my ex decided to move 1500 miles away with the kids. I went from being a primary caregiver (I worked in a job that allowed me to work from home and look after our kids) to being a long-distance dad. It was hard on the kids, and it was hard on me.

    5 years later, the kids decided they preferred living with me and told their mom they wanted to move because they didn't feel safe with their stepdad.

    They moved in with me 1 week before I got remarried. Having them back with me (full-time) has been one of my parenting highlights.

  2. I'm happy you were able to get them back! I don't understand why parents do this. It doesn't only hurt the other parent, it hurts the kids too.


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