Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hotel Rooms and Homelessness

So, last night, my family and I stayed in a hotel room, trying to get away from it all.
Well, that and because we are kind of in-between homes right now. Where we were living, we had to leave and the place we are moving IN to isn't going to be ready until probably Friday.
We stayed at the Microtel Inn in London, KY. We got a queen suite at a really reasonable price. We checked in, had dinner, went swimming and just had a good time being together as a family. We don't get to do that very. But MAN, I'm paying for it today! I'm so sore from swimming and playing with the kids and moving. And the fun thing? I get to do it all over again on Sunday! lol
My 2.5 year old, who HATES taking a bath, absolutely LOVED swimming. She is quite the little dare devil. She was trying to jump in and if we'd had floaties for her, she probably would have been good on her own. She didn't want to leave when we decided to call it a night.
We are super excited to move into our new place. It's bigger than we had before and nicer. It's closer to my husband's job, which is awesome, closer to action, to stuff to do....I'm excited to start this new chapter!
What are your favorite things to do when staying in a hotel room?


  1. We don't have TV's in our bedrooms at home so we like to watch TV until we fall asleep. We also love to take advantage of swimming pools, our 3 year old loves to swim too.

  2. No cooking and no cleaning!! Hooray!


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