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noun art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

2.the tones or sounds employed, occurring in single line (melody) or multiple lines (harmony), and sounded or to be sounded by one or more voices or instruments, or both.
3.musical  work or compositions for singing or playing.
4.the written or printed score of a musical  composition.
5.such scores collectively.
Music is such a HUGE part of my life. I love singing and playing piano and I'd LOVE to play guitar. Music is always playing, whether I'm driving, reading, or cleaning. It can help with anything I'm feeling. If I'm sad, I can find music for it. If I'm mad, there's music, if I'm happy, there's music.
One of my absolute favorite singers is Maynard James Keenan, from the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle.  I believe he is a musical God. He doesn't  really like being worshiped, but he is a lyrical and musical genius that I have so much respect for. People may not agree with his music, as it is very, what I call, Anti-Religion. But it's still simply amazing.
Another one of my favorite bands (and perhaps a HUGE stretch from my Tool and A Perfect Circle) is Hanson. Remember those guys, who sang the song MMMBop? Well, they've grown up!

They are still making music and still rocking hard. I went in 2008 and saw them with my best friend in Covington, KY and had such a great time! It was so good to get to hang with my bestie and see the band that brought us together (btw, my bestie is Patty and she owns Royal Grace Knits, one of my sponsors!) We got to meet them and everything....It was so fun.

Patty and I, 2008
Music is really one of the things that makes the world go 'round. It can do so much to help you. It's very therapeutic.
Who are some of your favorite musicians?

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  1. Terrific post. I'll have to check out Keenan. Wow! The Hanson boys have certainly grown up. Where does the time go?

    Visiting through the A to Z Challenge. Lovely blog!

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