Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I am an obese woman.
This isn't something that I like to admit, because, frankly, unless I look at myself in the mirror or happen to see a picture of myself or even look down, I don't FEEL like an obese woman. I don't feel like a woman who weighs almost 300 pounds. But yet, when I step on the scale, that pesky little thing doesn't agree with my self image.
I don't MIND being plus size. However, it's the additional pluses that makes it a bitter pill to swallow. My goal is to get to between 150 and 175. Both of these weights still have me listed as either overweight or obese on the BMI, but honestly, I think this is where I'll be my happiest and healthiest.
When I think of how I should look, I see women of the past, espeically Marilyn Monroe. THAT'S a sexy woman, if you ask me. My self esteem has taken a big hit, due to my being obese and it often causes other aspects of my life to suffer. For example, my sex life. I'm a happily married woman, married to a man who is also around 300 pounds. Yet, I don't see what he sees in me. I often find myself repulsed by the way I look, so naturally I figure he is repulsed as well. Strangely, though, he isn't. Go figure.
I've attempted weight loss in the past, most of the time with unnatural goals, like thinking I could get down to 125 in 6 months. It wasn't until I reached my mid to late 20's that I realized that it wasn't healthy and that, with my build, I'd likely look sick at that weight. Last year, I was successful in losing 30 pounds, but sadly, had surgery to repair a hernia, then started working and starting drinking soda and getting lazy, two very lethal combinations.
May is a new month and, with it, a new chance for me to start dieting again. My husband is joining me in this quest. Gone is the soda and sugary snacks. Fresh fruits and veggies is the way to go. Water, maybe with those little flavor pouches. Whole wheat, grains, etc. I'm going to go back to watching my carb intake, because, this time last year, I was told that I was borderline insulin resistant.
I plan to take monthly pictures and do weekly weigh-ins and share them with the world. Walking will be a hobby of mine and, if we can, I'm going to join the rec center at a local church and utilize their equipment. I might join the gym, but I honestly doubt it.
So here's to wishing me a road of success.....hopefully, this time I'll get to my desired weight.
Any tips?

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  1. Good luck, I think it sounds like you have a good plan! I will be interested to follow your progress.


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