Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This morning, as I was dropping my kids off at school, I noticed the car in front of me. This little girl got out, kissed her mom bye, then went into the school. Thinking her mom would drive off, I started to ease off the break, only to find that her mom was getting out of the car and coming around to open the trunk.
Once she got it opened, she took out this contraption, wasn't sure what it was until she opened it. It was a walker. She then went around to the passanger side of the car and opened the back door. She reached inside and lifted this little boy out and placed him at the walker.
This little boy couldn't have been more than 5 years old. He had braces on his legs and his feet were turned in. It's clear that he was faced with a daily challenge of moving around on his own. Yet, when this little boy was placed in front of his walker, he turned and gave his mom this huge grin. Then, smiling, he made his way into the school, joking with the teacher who came out to assist him.
Before he went into the school, he turned and saw me and smiled. I couldn't help but smile back.
And it was all put into perspective then.
This little boy's smile lit up the drab morning. He was clearly not only happy to be at school, but he wanted to share that happiness with others. This little boy, faced with challenges daily, had more courage in his little toe then most of us have in our entire beings.
Every day, we take so many things for granted. Most of us walk with no problems. Most of us get into our cars and drive, complaining about traffic or that fact that it's Monday, never stopping to take into account the many people out there who are GRATEFUL to wake up to see another Monday, who are overcoming challenges every day just to get to do the simple things.
I just moved and across the street from me is a kids, probably at most 13 years old. He is a bound to a wheelchair, yet every day, I see him out there, shooting hoops with everyone else. On this same block, I see a young man, earlier 20's at best, with one leg, also shooting basketball, or even just going for a walk. I saw him the other day across town, just walking. Yet, I look at walking as a chore. I will drive around a parking lot until I can find a spot close to the enterance.
Have we really become a lazy nation or is it just me?
I am issuing a challenge to you, my readers. Park further away from the door. Go for a walk. Enjoy the freedom your legs give you. I know that I am.
What has happened in your life recently that put things into perspective?


  1. Great post, I have tears in my eyes! My mom used to tell me the old saying "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet." No matter how challenging life becomes there is always someone who has greater challenges.

  2. With technology we both become more lazy and more stressed. It makes me wonder sometimes.


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