Monday, April 23, 2012


This weekend, my two year old fell off the bed, splitting her lip real good.
Scared the living CRAP out of me, I admit. But more than anything, I HATED how sad she looked. She looked as if her little world had just come to an end. She curled up on my lap and just cried her little eyes out.
Today, while playing outside, of the neighbor kids kicked a ball and it hit Cailin in the face, knocking her down (to be perfectly honest, it was hilarious...). She was embarrassed and cried her eyes out. Once again, she was curled up in my lap doing this.
I HATE when my kids cry. I wish, in that moment, that I could take every bit of their pain away. I'm sure that's just what we, as parents, are suppose to do, but still. It doesn't make it any easier knowing that other parents feel this way.
As my kids get older, I know that, more for the girls than anything, I'm going to have to deal with tears of heartbreak. I remember being a teenager, how I felt like my world was going to end and no one understood. I feel like, if faced in with one of my girls crying over a boy, the urge to strangle said boy will be overwhelming.
I'm TERRIFIED of my kids become teens and starting to date. I don't know how to handle it. I still have a few years, as this year, my twins will be 8 and my youngest will be 3. Still.....those years tend to fly by entirely too fast.
Do you have teens? Help me! lol

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