Monday, April 30, 2012

Zebra's Are Just Horses With Stripes.....

Have you ever looked in the mirror and no recognized the person staring back at you?
That's how I feel a lot of times. When I think about myself, I don't think I look like this:

I think I look more like this:

Until I look down, or in the mirror, I don't realize how overweight I am. How funny is that? In my mind, I'm not a size 24w. I'm a 12. In my mind, I can wear cute high heels and pretty dresses. In my mind, I can wear sexy underwear for my husband. In my mind, my skin isn't extremely dry and my hair isn't super frizzy.
I guess, in my mind, I'm perfect.
But I'm not. I DO have dry skin and these weird bumps all over my arm. My hair...psh...forget that. One eye is bigger than the other and I'm not that great at putting makeup on. Because of my dry skin, I don't wear foundation, because it just further shows how dry my skin is. I can't figure out how to use all that goop anyway.  No, when I do my makeup, I stick to the basics: eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Done. That's it.
I am sick of being so overweight. And, that sad thing is, I KNOW how to change it, but for some reason, I don't. I know I don't have to eat two cheeseburgers a dinner. But I do. I know that I don't have to eat 4 slices of pizza. But I do.
Well, this is all going to change. May is going to be the month for me and I'm going to hold myself accountable by posting on here, every day, what I eat, as well as over at MyFitnessPal. I'm going to blow the dust off my Walk Away The Pounds DVD's and do those every morning. I'm going to join the rec center and go there for about 2 hours a day. At night, I want to let my kids go play at the park while I walk around the track. No more soda for me either.
Last year, I did this and I lost 30 pounds. I was so excited! This year, I'm not going to back slide, I'm GOING to do this. I have to......
Any advice?

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  1. i feel your pain--just hang in there and i do a lot of praying---congrats to all of us on finishing!!!


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