Friday, May 11, 2012

And It's Official.....I Have 3rd Graders

Today was the last day of the school year, and the last day for my kids to attend the school they've gone to for awhile and that we've all grown to love. I admit, having to switch them is hard, but I was driving 200 miles a week (40 miles a day) to take them to and from school, so I'm kind of happy that's over.
I went to pick them up early and to take pictures of them with their teachers. They both had really awesome teachers this year and I became friends with Anastasia's teacher. I'm a very hands on mom, emailing them often so I can stay on top of everything and talk with my kids if anything arises.
When they came to the front so I could take the pictures, Cailin went running up to them and gave them both hugs. They adore her and I figured that, if she went to preschool there, she'd at least know them. Kind of makes me sad to know that she won't get to go there!
Sebastian and Anastasia both did really awesome on their report cards. This summer, we are going to have fun, but also work on some school stuff to keep them up to par. I'm very proud of them both and sad at the fact that they are growing up so fast! It's like, I blinked and BOOM, there they go, 3rd graders.
I thought I'd share the pictures with you all, and welcome you to summer!
Sebastian and his teacher, Mrs. Rison

Anastasia and her teacher, Mrs. Hale
Cailin, smiling pretty
What are your plans for the summer? And what grade is your child going to be in?

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  1. my only child still in school, will be in her senior year--times does fly---cute pics!


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