Wednesday, May 9, 2012

End Of A Chapter....And I'm Heartbroken

This is the last week of school for my children.
This is also the last week at the school they currently attend.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to move and, in doing so, had to move out of the district that my kids' school is in. For the last month, I've been driving them to and from, because I couldn't just change them, with them only have a month to go and because Anastasia worked really hard to reach a goal that would allow her to go on an all day field trip to the aquarium, which she is doing tomorrow.
I'm absolutely heartbroken that they will have to switch schools. They've had the most awesome teachers so far, especially Anastasia. The school knows us and them and it just felt like an extension of our family. They are looking forward to it, but for some reason, I'm dreading it.
I know it's silly, because I wasn't as active as I'd liked to have been, due to having Cailin and what little time I spent working. But, honestly, they will be in 3rd grade and this is their 6th school. They started out at a head start center, then transferred to a preschool when we moved. They stayed at that preschool for Kindergarten, then we moved to Florida briefly. They started 1st grade at one school, but then, because we moved about 5 minutes up the road, they had to switch to yet another school. Then we moved BACK to Kentucky and they started school at the school they currently go to. They have friends there. They know the teachers there.
I'm going to strive to make sure this is the last school they go to, until Middle School. I want to stay in this district and let them stay put. Luckily, I'm going to keep in contact with a few of their teachers from the school they go to now, as we've become friends. I'm the kind of mom that keeps in contact with the teachers, so I can stay on top of things and fix any problems that may come up. I go to every parent/teacher conference, every open house, etc.
If time allows it, I think this year, I'll serve on the PTO and be more active in their school. I want my kids to know that I CARE about their education.
How are you when it comes to your kids' school? Love it or hate it?

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