Friday, May 25, 2012

The Great Bathing Suit Debate

I am the mother of a very fashion forward 7 years old (who, I swear, is going on 17!!!) and sometimes, I'm not sure how to deal with it.
It's summer, which means it's bathing suit season. For ME, it's a no-brainer...I'm covering up as much as I possibly can. For my husband and son, no brainers.....trucks (the hardest decision is which super hero to get on the trucks....for BOTH of them). For my toddler, it's a no brainer...she doesn't care and chances are, she's going to poop in the thing anyways.
For my 7 year old....well, all I can say is Lord, help me now!
This kid is seriously all legs. Like, no joke....she is 53ish inches tall...her legs....30 inches. And, in today's over sexualized times (I mean, really, who makes short shorts for 7 year old? Yea, no thanks!), it's hard to find stuff that fits her without making her look older than her age.
She didn't get a suit last year, just because, honestly, we didn't do anything with the water. The year before, after much back and forth with my husband, she got a tankini.
She's the one on the far left
Naturally, in what I'm sure is an attempt to give her Daddy a heart attack, she wanted a itty bitty bikini. HE, on the other hand, wanted nothing short of a Moo moo. So, we compromised and got her the above...tank style top with bikini bottoms. This fit her for all of 10 seconds.
Today, my darling husband and I were at Walmart and he said he wanted to get her a suit, because our other kids have one and she doesn't. Okay, not a problem. So, we start looking for one and all the ones I think she'll like, he veto's. He knows she won't wear a one piece and we are striking out with the other styles. He was about to give up and just let me bring her to the store and let her pick one out when I found one that I knew SHE'D love and HE'D approve of.
She tried it on and LOVED IT! So, all's well that ends well.
What is the bathing suit debate in YOUR house?

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  1. The biggest bathing suit debate that we have is usually between my husband and I. She is almost 5 and a size 7/8. We agree on 'no bikini'. I prefer the tankini on her anyway, but her father wants her in a one piece. My baby's got some back so the tankini works. All the one pieces we tried on went up her butt. I sent him a pic last week and I said simply 'thong or tankini?'. He finally relented because of the cut of the one piece. Seriously, why is the cut so high?? She's 5, not auditioning for Baywatch!


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