Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is It Hot In Here?

Or is it just me?
We've been in our new place for a month or so and I have to tell you....
It's true, I do. With a passion.
My air isn't working right. It's blowing out, but not enough to cool the house off. As a result, my air runs, constantly.
What does this mean for my budget?
A $388 electric bill!
*face palm*
I know what you are thinking.....HOLY HIGH BILLS BATMAN! That's what I thought too.
So, I complained to our landlord, they came down, tested it and informed me that it's blowing out cool air at the degree of 60.
Now explain to me what it's not cooling off my freaking house!!!!!
To add insult to injury, the other day, our ceiling fan lost a screw and the blade almost flew off and hit me in the head. Do you think the landlord will fix it?
NOPE! They don't fix them, they just take them down and put in a regular light. So now, I have to climb myself up there and fix it.
As if that wasn't bad enough, I've discovered a leak in my kitchen and master bathroom. I called to report it and when someone comes in here on Monday to fix it, I'm going to ask them to explain why my air isn't working.
How's your day?

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