Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's The Little Things

Since we moved, we haven't had a washer and dryer.
Oh, laundry I loathe thee.
So, imagine my excitement when my husband informs me that he bought a set yesterday.
Yes, I really said "excitement".
You don't realize just how much you take things like a washer and dryer for granted. I have a mountain of dirty clothes that are in dire need of a washing, because it would cost too much money to do it all at the laundry mat. I have sheets that I love, but had to sideline because the kids got yogurt on them. I miss the feeling of taking a shower, putting on clean clothes and getting into a bed made with clean sheets.
So my mission today?
LAUNDRY! I plan to get all of my laundry caught up, get my room, bathroom, and closet cleaned up, get the sheets cleaned, get it all clean and I've never been more excited. Once the laundry is caught up, I plan to have certain days to do certain stuff. But I'll get in to that in another blog I'm cooking up.
So far, I've got one load in the dryer, one in the washer.  Thankfully, my house isn't a total disaster, so cleaning up the house shouldn't take but maybe 30 minutes or so. The worst part is my room and closet. THAT will probably take about 30 minutes by itself.
Oh, here's a pic of my lovely new
Any new additions to your household?

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