Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kind Of A Feature Blog: Same Story, Different Face

I recently was honored to share my story of being a single mother of twins with Same Story Different Face. This is a blog is dedicated to inspiring single mothers, which I think is awesome.
Not only was I a single mother for 4 year, I was RAISED by a single mother.
If you like you'd like to read my story, you can do so by visiting the site or by clicking HERE.
If YOU are or have been a single mother, you can share your story as well.
Thanks again, Adrianne, for the honor!


  1. As I've said, THANK YOU, Sarah! :-)

    p.s I love your blog as well! It's a great getaway from the sometimes hectic hustle and bustle of motherhood!

  2. Thanks! I appreciate it. I DO try to make it kind of fun.


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