Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thrift Stores and Shopping Sprees

I absolutely LOVE thrift stores. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! In the town I live in, we have 2, the Goodwill and the CCC. Both have their pluses and their negatives, but either way, you can't beat the savings.
For example, the other day, we went to Goodwill. Our daughter, Anastasia (7), is growing at a speed that is lightening fast. And she is nothing but legs, this child of mine. And girly as all get out! So Goodwill has become our friend.
Sunday, we went to Goodwill and bought my husband 2 pair of work pants, Anastasia 3 skirts, some decor for the house and a few other things and only spent, like, $20. Then Tuesday, we went to this place called the CCC, where we got our son this really cute Baseball shelf, and the girls some clothes, spending a total of $15! LOVE IT!
The kids get brand new clothes twice a year, at tax time and when we go shopping for school. We supplement in between by shopping at thrift stores. We have always lucked out in the past and have gotten some amazing deals. You can't beat getting a pair of name brand jeans for $1.50 from Goodwill or .75 at the CCC. And with 3 kids that are growing faster than our budget allows, these places are a mom's DREAM!
What do you do to save money?

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