Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bullying Little Kids: How Do YOU Handle It?

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to the local splash pad, which is a free service provided by our town and it's located at a park. It was a hot day, it was hot in our house, and we just really wanted to cool off.
Our two-year-old, Cailin, enjoys playing and splashing in water, but she's not a fan of being sprayed or anything like resembles getting a shower. We found this out quickly, as she screamed with terror when we attempted to take her through the spray rings.
Because of this, we basically just let her play in this one area of the splash pad that, for the most part, is far enough way from the sprayers, so she can play in peace and enjoy it. We let her take a bucket or something to go along with it.
They have these horses that spray water and, if the pressure is strong enough, the spray can reach where Cailin plays. Okay, that's fine, if she gets sprayed, she will gladly (and loudly) let the person who sprayed her know that, no, it's not cool. For the most part, people are pretty cool about not spraying the little kids. I guess it's probably some unspoken truce between the little ones and the bigger kids. I think that's pretty cool, personally.
Evidently, however, one certain girl didn't quite get the memo. This girl, who's name I don't know, but we will call Bully, is about 13 years old or so. She'd been there playing for about 15 minutes or so. My husband and I were taking turns hanging out with Cailin while the other went and enjoyed the water. At one point, my sister was with Cailin, so my husband and I both went to get a big bucket of ice cold water dumped on us. As soon as it hit, I heard Cailin's screech of terror and looked over to see Bully spraying her. I waited a minute, figuring that maybe Bully did it on accident. After about 30 seconds, she didn't stop, so I went over to her and asked her, very nicely, to please stop spraying my daughter, she doesn't like it.
I got an eye roll from Bully and walked away. We went over to hang out with Cailin and was playing with her when I water on my back and I see Cailin backing away, with her hands over her head. I turn and look, and Bully is now DELIBERATELY trying to spray Cailin. I go over and ask her to please stop and walk away. Not even 2 minutes later, she does it again. This time, I walk over and tell her she needs to stop picking on a 2 year old. She gets in my face and tells me to eff off. I ask where her parents are, because I was going to speak to them. Of course, they weren't there.
For the rest of our stay there, she was trying to spray Cailin and then started bullying our other kids (once she realized they were ours), by pushing them out of the way of the water or blocking them from playing with some of the things they had there.
This got me thinking....
WHY would a 13 year old kid pick on little kids? I just don't understand it and I wasn't sure how to handle it, because 1) I use to be bullied, but it was at the hands of my peers and 2)Cailin usually charms people into falling for her. It's a taste of magic she has.
How would you have handled this?


  1. Hey, I just tweeted your blog to my followers! I'm loving what you've done with it!

  2. That is a tough one! Maybe she is autistic or has some other mental issue that keeps her from understanding right from wrong? I try not to stand in during bully for my son, but I have also NEVER seen someone bully him that was over the age of 5. I'm not really sure what else you could do other than leave. It's unfortunate that her parents weren't there.

  3. Oh, she wasn't autistic, she was just with a pack of kids that were doing nothing but cursing and acting like a bunch of brats.


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