Friday, June 1, 2012

Gotta Love The Free Stuff! Splash Pad Fun!

On Memorial Day, we took our kiddos to the local park that has a free Splash Pad. The air is messed up in my house and it stays super hot in here, so this was just what the doctor ordered. We loaded up with a cooler with snack and drinks, everyone but my husband lathered up with sunscreen and we set off for the splash pad.
It was a great time, with the exception of a 13 year old girl picking on my 2 year old (that's a post by itself). It was fun to just get to run around and play with the kids and cool off at the same time. We stayed there for a long time and we are considering making it a weekly thing, weather permitting of course.
I figured I'd share some pictures with everyone....tons of fun!
Cailin and Daddy, playing with the horses
She didn't care much for being sprayed
Anastasia...yelling at someone
Not sure what Sebastian was doing here. lol
I LOVE how this picture came out!
Sebastian and Anastasia made it really hard to get a picture of them, they were all over the place. Cailin pretty much just stayed with us.
What are some ways you stay cool for free during the summer?

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