Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oh, The Joys of Being A Parent

I've been a mother for almost 8 years and recently had to deal with something that was a first for me.
Tub poop.
The other day, we were giving Cailin a bath. After she was washed up, we let her play, overjoyed by the fact that she wasn't screaming her head off like she usually does. I guess she was a little gassy, because she started to fart. She found this to be absolutely HILARIOUS, because she was, as she put it, making bubbles with her butt.
Well, she must have tried a little to hard, because the next thing you know, she's standing up, with a panicked look on her face saying "I done....I want out". She's looking at her hands, freaking out and we thought it was 'cause she was pruney.
Upon looking, we noticed she'd pooped in the tub. Not a little bit was all over the place.
*sigh and facepalm*
So, we got her out and my husband decided that he would get her dressed, leaving me to take care of the tub poop. Thanks honey!
Oh, it was so bad. When asked WHY she pooped in the tub, she replied with "I don't know, 'cause I'm crazy!"
*rolls eyes* She's her father's child, that's for sure.
Today, we were out shopping and running errands on my husband's day off. We ran into Anastasia's teacher from second grade (who I just adore!) and her son. Anastasia is positively SMITTEN with this boy.
Who is a football player.
In high school.
Oh lord help me now!
I'd never seen my little girl look so starry eyed. And that's when I realized it.......she had a crush. And honest to goodness, heart could be broke crush.
At the age of 7.
Is it too early for the convent?
Sebastian....well.....nothing really new to report there.....He's your typical little boy....thank GOD, 'cause I appear to have my hands full with my girls.
Oh, the joys of Mommyhood........
But would you trade it for even half a second? I didn't think so.

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