Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stay At Home Moms: Contributing Or Mooching?

I read something today that just lit a fire under me and made me mad.
This woman was saying that stay at home moms (SAHM) were worthless and mooching off their husband, that they weren't contributing anything worthwhile to society, that they were lazy bums and needed to get off their tushes and gets jobs. She also stated that, chances are, their husbands were resenting them.
Excuse me?
Oh, this made me red with fury.
For the longest time, I rallied against being a SAHM, because, as I put it, I wasn't "wired" that way. I was raised by a single mother that was raised by a single mother. They both had to work to provide for their families. So, this was just in my head that I had to work I felt like, if I didn't, then I'd go crazy.
NOW, I can't imagine NOT being a SAHM. My youngest, Cailin, starts school next year. I get the feeling that I'm going to pretty much feel like someone who's retired....I won't know what to do at first. But I'll figure it out.
What am I contributing to society? Hmm, well, let's see. I'm raising three children who will one day grow up to be productive members of this society. I'm instilling in them the morals and values that I feel is important. I'm teaching them about the type of people they should be. In no way do I feel like, in raising my children, should I be undervalued as a contributor to this world.
I am FAR from lazy. I clean our house, I do our laundry, I cook our dinners, I grocery shop, I entertain the kids, I teach the kids, I take them where they need to go, I pay the bills. I'm the CEO and CFO of this house. I RUN this house. My husband works far too hard for me to NOT do anything, and if I can, in some way, help him and make his day easier, then I'm going to do it.
Which brings me to my next point. My husband doesn't resent me. If he could have his way, I'd never work again, unless I absolutely had to. He loves knowing that someone is here for his family, someone is here for the kids when they get home from school. He loves knowing that he can go out and make the bacon and bring it home for me to fry. He has to worry about the day to day operations at his job. I've got the day to day operations of home. And mooching off him? HA! Any money I get is small beans compared to how much my pay would be if I did everything I do as a SAHM and got paid for it.
I LOVE being a SAHM and I'm  blessed that I get this opportunity. I'd like to go back to college and finish my degree, but if I never use it, that's fine. Because I have the most rewarding job in the world.
If you are a SAHM, tell me what you love about it. If you aren't, would you like to be one?

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  1. Woah, I cannot believe anyone would think that let alone SAY it. I used to feel like there would be no way I could be a single mom either. My mom pretty much raised four kids on her own and has worked hard to provide for us. I too thought I'd go crazy being home so much. I'm not a full SAHM but I only work two days a week. I love the days I'm with my daughter and would gladly be with her every day. You should post the link to whoever wrote this so I can chew that bitch out.


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