Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Christmas Angels for Children

Recently, a friend of mine told me about this wonderful page on Facebook that is dedicated to helping bring a little Christmas joy to children that may otherwise not feel that this season. Christmas Angels for Children was started by Nancy White-Mckethan, who was inspired to reach out when she, herself, found her family needing a guardian angel. This Christmas will be their second year in operation. 
I recently got the chance, via email exchange, to talk with Nancy about the organization and what inspired it and I'd like to share her story with you now.

TMC: Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Nancy: I am 38, married with 10 children, 4 of my own and 6 through marriage and the grandmother of 4. I worked as an administrator in day care until a couple years ago when i began having neck and back problems and am currently applying for disability.

TMC: How did this organization come to be?
Nancy: I started this organization after I, myself, had received help from an angel site. I decided I wanted to pay it forward and help others as spaces are limited and so many more children and families were out there in need of help.

TMC: Have you ever PERSONALLY me any of the families requesting help?
Nancy: I have met quite a few of the families that are in my local area. When I am in a store or out in pubic and I see parents with children, I have business cards I hand out and let them know about the program. I especially am sure to visit low income housing areas and neighborhoods making sure to get the word out about the program of they need assistance. I also have posted it in various local yard sale groups I belong to as well.

TMC: How many kids have you helped since starting this organization?
Nancy: This will be my 2nd year doing Christmas Angels for children. In 2011 I helped over 300 children with 4 angels each and 1 care package angel for each family. My angel bunnies, which was for Easter, helped around 200 children each have an angel and Back to school angels helped a little over 100 children with back to school supplies. This year I have already passed last years total of children on Christmas angels and my goal is to take at least 500 this year.

TMC: What would like to see happen with this organization?
Nancy: I would love to have my organization grow even bigger. I plan to save up and hopefully get a nonprofit license for it and this will allow me to receive assistance from large organizations. I still write them all and ask. Last year we had secret deodorant participate and angel a child which was amazing!

TMC: What are some way people can help, either with Christmas Angels for Children or in their own home town?
Nancy: I always say every voice brings a new angel. If a person is unable to be an angel to a child, I ask that they share the page on their page. This allows others to see the page and if they post it others and it goes on and on until many many more visit with us.I ask businesses and blogs to share us and get the word out.

TMC: Any thing else you'd like our readers to know?
Nancy: I would like to say that it doesn't take a lot to be an angel.Sending a single gift to a child who is in need makes a world of difference to them. We also have group donations where a business can donate a number of items to be distributed amongst a certain age group or gender of children. We have had handmade jewelry donated in the past, lightly used clothing, even had dollar tree donate items to our site. Each child is able to have up to 3 angels each, this allows more people to be able to help but if an angel wishes they can be a full angel and handle it all. This is for those who wish to get multiple gifts and be their actual "Santa" per say. We also have care package angels for each family. care packages consist of household items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, soap , razors, and things of that nature.
Every family is required to send in required information as per our application process to ensure that they are in need of assistance. We have had some went from angels one year to needing help the next As well as those who were in need for assistance to becoming angels now.

So often, we all say that we want to do more to help. I know that, for my family, one of the things we do is, every year, we give the kids about $10 each and take them to DollarTree so they can buy toys, then we take them to various organizations so they can donate the toys. We also donate their old toys and clothes to local charities around the town.
What I love about Christmas Angels for Children is that this program takes time to get out in the community and get the word out and they help with more than Christmas. They also have an Easter program and a back to school program.
Please, stop by Christmas Angels for Children and sponsor a child today. It honestly doesn't have to be a big gift to make a big impact!

To check out all of the programs mentioned in this blog, please visit the following pages:
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