Monday, July 30, 2012

Distance...How I Hate You

My mother lives in Florida.
I live in Kentucky.
As you can imagine, we don't see each other that often and, frankly, I hate this. I'd give anything to have her come live here. She's missing out on so much, on seeing the kids grow up, on watching them become these amazing people, on seeing the successes that we have, the goals that we achieve.
And they are missing out on having their Nana here. I know they miss her dearly. Cailin, being so young, doesn't understand that, one minute, Nana is here and the next, Nana is gone. In her little life, for the most part, when people go away, they come back in a short period of time. My mom left on Friday...every day, Cailin has asked where Nana was. 
We had a good week. We drank coffee, we went out and had "joy" (when I was little, if my mom would go out to eat or something, without me, when I came home from school and saw the evidence, I'd cry and pout that she went out and had "joy" without me.....20+ years later, we still call it that), we shopped, we talked, we just hung out. I've missed that.
My mother was there for me when I found out I was pregnant with Sebastian and Anastasia, even though she wasn't thrilled. It took her a long time to warm up to the idea of grandkids (or as she puts it, Nanakids). A big chunk of my adult life was spent trying to prove to my Mom that I didn't need anyone, that I had this. As I got older, we moved from mother and daughter to friends. It's a friendship that I value. 
I wish she could move up here and, while I constantly pick on her about it, I DO understand her reasons for NOT moving (even if I don't like them). One day, I'll have my Mama with me in Kentucky again. And I can't wait!
Does your mom live close by? Do you have a good relationship? Please share your stories with me.

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  1. I lost my Mom eight months ago to cancer, she was 60 years old. My Mom was my best friend, my secret keeper, my everything. We had that special relationship that you and your Mom have, our relationship went from Mother-Daughter to Best Friends as I got older. What I wouldn't give to have my Momma back, so I understand how you feel. Be grateful that your Mom is still just a phone call away, you are so lucky to still have her in your life. I miss my Mom so much, I miss our talks, her advise, our friendship, and that love only a Mother can give. I hope one day soon, your Mom can move back down here with you and your family, I know how much a daughter loves and needs her Mom.


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