Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Birthday Gifts For Less Than $20? Yes Please!

My youngest, Cailin, is going to be 3 on Saturday. 
Like any way of the world, when there's a birthday looming, something comes up and leaves you a little on the short for cash side.
Fun times, right? Especially when you have already planned out what you want to get. You instantly get a little bummed because you can't get what you want. I know I was....
Or so I thought.
I'd planned on getting Cailin a table and chair set, a tea set, and a few other things. When I noticed we were low on funds, I wasn't sure WHAT I'd do. 
So I went on a buy, sale, trade group on Facebook for my area and found someone that was selling a Disney Princess table and chairs set, for $10! Brand new, they are $32! It was in EXCELLENT condition. I snapped that up quicker than you can say "buy it!". Then my Dad wanted to know what he could get Cailin for her birthday, so I said "Ya know what? A tea party set." DONE! 
To add to her gifts from us, we took to DollarTree and bought her a coloring book and a big box of crayons, then went to Walmart and got her two BIG coloring books and a counting book.
All together, we spent about $15 on her for her birthday AND managed to get her things that she'll absolutely love.
I'm excited to see her little face when she gets them and we set them up in her room. She's going to absolutely LOVE them!
How do you save for your children's birthdays?



  1. I buy gifts all year so holiday or birthday gifts are easy :-)

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